Air Shower System

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Air shower works as partial clean equipment installed at the partition between the clean room and non-clean rooms to shower the personnel or matters before entering the clean area. This unit helps to remove dust effectively and maintains the normal working status. All our Air Showers are assembled and tested directly in the factory and supplied after hard quality testing. These units are completely microprocessor controlled self contained unit and equipped with air filtration systems, blowers, motors, controls, inter locking doors, lighting and electrical panel. Although we offer air showers in varies sizes and packages, we also provide customized designs meeting your special needs.

We design, manufacture, and set up air showers for clean room workers. These clean room air showers are specifically used in a variety of laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and animal facilities, where they serve as entry systems to clean environments. A custom air shower is created by our engineering team to fit your unique working conditions. Our air showers come in a variety of construction materials and design configurations. We offer air showers at affordable prices with best quality, as we are the top manufacturer of air shower in Chennai, India. We always ensured that our product must met the customer requirements with high safety standards.

We are the leading air shower manufacturers and suppliers in India with ISO certifications. For laboratories, clean rooms, manufacturing spaces, etc., we have in-house capability for air shower entry system design, construction, and installation process. Our custom-built air shower entry systems are made to the specifications of the customers and offered for sale in India at a price that is at the top of the market and we become the best manufacturer of air shower in Tamilnadu, India.

We are one of the best clean room equipment manufacturers in Chennai,India. We use superior quality materials and build clean room equipment with advanced technology that consume less power and are used widely in pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and laboratories. Our company is committed to providing top quality products and become Clean room doors suppliers in Chennai, Clean room installation in Chennai,India and Clean room suppliers in Chennai India, Clean room doors & Panel manufacturer in india at affordable prices.

Types of Cleanroom

  • Straight Entry Straight Exit
  • Straight Entry Right Exit
  • Straight Entry Left Exit
  • Straight Entry Right and Left Exit
ProductPureair” Air Shower
TypeRe circulatory type , Standard type
DimensionsAs per drawings enclosed.
MOCGalvanized Iron with PU coated / Stainless Steel – Satin Finish
Pre FilterPureair” Make Pre Filter with Micro Glass Fibre Media of EU – 4 Rating.
Supply HEPA FilterImported Minipleat HEPA Filter efficiency 99.97% Down to 0.3µ H-13 Rating.
Floor2mm thick GI/ SS Sheet with ESD Mat on Top
Motor Blower AssemblyAir Conditioned air to be Supplied by client with required Airflow Quantity
Nozzle PositionRight/ Left / Top with direction adjustable
Emergency Switch Panic Switch in side and Out Side
LightsFluorescent Tube with Milky White Diffuser.
Other Electricals3 Pin Socket, 15 AMP – 1 No. – On / Off Switches with Indicator.
Air CleanlinessFirst Air From Filter Class ISO – 5 (as per ISO – 14644-1).
Air Flow Rate25 ± 2 mps. or 5000 FPM ± 300FPM
Illumination Of LightMinimum 800 Lux on work table
Noise Level Less than 75 db on Scale ‘A’ When Ambient sound Level is not Greater than 57 db on Scale ‘A’
Vibration LevelMinimum.

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